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Tamera Nielsen

If we don't have a bucket list, we exist rather than live. Thank you again for sharing another excellent post, Jay.

Jay Platt

Thanks Tamera. While I agree that having goals is vital, I all too often see people use the whole "bucket list" thing as a "One day I'll" excuse. I think a "Do It Now" approach is much better, with the bucket list reserved for long term goals. :-)

Mary Gene Hassell

IF we are still on this earth then God has plans for us and has expectations of us for service to Him and others. We are never too old to make a difference. God isn't waiting for us to get to heaven to live victoriously and have joy. He gives us a chance everyday to bless and be blessed. Whatever is on your list, live it with His light.

Jay Platt

Thanks Mary Gene. I agree, if we are still here there is a reason for it and we should make the most of it.

Paz Platt

Great blog, Jay! Remember when we were vacationing in Hawaii. We saw quite a few older couples who were on a vacation there for the first time. I'm sure they would have enjoyed it more when they were younger and could do a lot more of the fun activities.

Alan Steacy

Great topic Jay. I believe the mere exercise of creating a "bucket list" and writing it out is definitely a grand idea as it opens one to the possibilities of experiencing new and wonderful things that engage and stimulate the imagination. You are dead on when you mention that we should actively work on "checking off" the items on our list rather than just waiting 'til we "check out"!

Jay Platt

Thanks Paz and Alan! :-)

Paz - I sure do. It's a big part of my thinking when it comes to people putting off going for their goals.

Alan - I couldn't agree more. I like the way you think, my friend.

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