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KP Licorish

The sunshine only needs to be present in your heart... all else is on rain or shine...

Stuart Hills

I was once going through a life changing process,I was a resident at a Therapeutic Community (rehab).On Newyears eve 2009 we had a dance party .The music was very loud and I became enthralled in it ,I guess you could say I was in a trance,At about 9.30pm it started to rain.not just light rain ,it poured down,this did not deter me in fact the rain insenced me more.Yhe rain did not stop for hrs and we were drenched to the skin.Danceing in the rain in that way on that nite had a very cleansing affect on me,In a very spiritual way.

Colleen J

God never promised only rainbows. In this world we will have trials, some more sever than others,but we would not go through them alone. As Stuart above said Dance in the Rain with all you heart and might. You have the best dance partner.

Jay Platt

Thanks KP! You are so right there.

Jay Platt

Thanks Stuart! Great story, and I agree. Rain can be very cleansing in many, many ways.

Jay Platt

Thanks Colleen! There is no doubt there.


If you are using "Do you do it in the rain?" as a metaphor for doing the things that I want or need to do only when the conditions are ideal or more to my liking, then no, I don't always "Do it in the rain". Most times I can't find a compelling reason, a why so strong that I am willing to do whatever it takes, for a long as it takes. Gotta do some serious soul searching to find a why and a will.

Jay Platt

It really is about having a compelling reason. Long term (like your grand kids, for instance) and short term (like an upcoming race, for instance). It's all in how you approach things.


Great article. Remember when we were training for a marathon, there was a hurricane on the way. It was a Saturday, long training run day, 18 miles, the wind was blowing and it was a torrential down pour while we were running! How's that for doing it in the rain (literally).

Alan Steacy

Perhaps the most essential part of any 'doing' is the 'compelling reason why' that lies beneath it. Other than a life or death situation, finding that deep, resonating reason often gets overlooked or brushed aside far to easily. Our results speak for themselves. Jay your words are truly wise and inspiring. Perhaps in your next post you could discuss your thoughts on coupling a 'compelling reason' with ways to incorporate accountability and how that might exponentially enhance ones success.

Jay Platt

Thanks Paz! I've got two words for you. Good Training! :-)

Jay Platt

Thanks Alan! It is all about the compelling reason why. Look around the site and you'll see most of my articles address that. Check out "What's Your Alcatraz?" and Why I Still Compete And Think You Should Too" to get you started.

wendy amos

i stood visiting today in a warm soft rain,lifted my face to it smiled and enjoyed the fasial.felt good.being from washington state,i can only think of only two things you can`t do in the rain-plowing or haying for those jobs we just waight the rain always stops

wendy amos

so yes i do it in the rain

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