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Great illustration Jay. Proper preparation is always a good strategy. When setting out on a new course we must first discipline ourselves to begin by doing our due diligence and research in order to uncover the appropriate preparation pathway that will give us the best chance to succeed.


We must adapt in order to grow, otherwise we stay stuck at a level which may be far below the potential that God has placed in us. We must not be rigid in our thinking, we must stay flexible and always be open to new ways of doing things. Being "rigid" in our thinking is another way of saying we are "paralyzed" in our thinking. :-) Great blog post Jay, I got a lot out of it, thanks!

Cheryl Yantis

Thanks Jay, a reminder is always great. Adaptability needs to be worked as you go. Prior, proper planning is good, but the more you learn them more you know and can use. Sometimes we have to experience it to complete it.

Jay Platt

Thanks Alan! Excellent points, as always. You're right, much of it does have to do with having the self-discipline to properly prepare for the task as hand.

Jay Platt

Thanks Chick! The ability to adapt is one of the many gifts we have as human beings. Without it, we can, as you say, become "paralyzed" in our thinking.

Jay Platt

Thanks Cheryl! I agree, sometimes the experience we gain from failure can beat any other lesson we could be given.


What a timely article! With our contract about to end, "business as usual" is about to stop and a new way of doing things is about to begin. To remain relevant to any job situation, one has to be willing to adapt, change and at times improvise to keep current. Wait. Didn't I hear that in a movie once?! :-) Thanks Jay! Very timely! Semper Fi, Rick

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