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Jay, you wrote, "based on a goal setting method that's been around for a long time"

I agree AND I have seen how well this time tested process works. After going through these steps with goals over the years it becomes second nature to start thinking about goals this way. Rather than "I want to make more money" (for example) it has our minds ask questions like "how much, when, from what, etc."

I believe an important point to also realize is not to have too many goals. It's okay to have a lot of goals -- but get them out of our heads and onto paper. I believe that choosing our top 3 goals for the year, for the quarter, for the month, for the week and for the day is a way to keep things simple and to have better focus.

Thanks for sharing this post.

Jay Platt

Rich, thanks for your feedback. Like you, I've seen this process work so many times for myself and others that I know it works!

And I agree that setting your top three goals is an important step too. Thanks so much for pointing that out.

Jim Edwards

Jay, I really liked this latest article on setting goals. As one of your clients, I can attest to it working (especially when combined with acountabilty). :-)

Jay Platt

Thank you Jim. And you are right about the accountabilty!

Chick Sickels

Great system Jay, short, simple yet powerful.

Jay Platt

Thanks Chick! I really appreciate your feedback.

Maria Kaminski

Funny that you came up with this because in my Teaching education classes, this is how we write behavioral and academic goals for the child's IEP.

Jay Platt


Thank you for your feedback. As I said in my post, this is based on an old system for setting goals.

I have just added some things and made some changes.

There is no doubt that it works, which is why it's been around so long.

Thanks again!

Gene Dasher

Jay thanks for sharing. I look forward to each post. This one reminds me of the need I have to do it continually not just once in awhile. It's also reminded me of "One Minute Management" that I read years ago. Keep up the good work . God bless you

Gene Dasher,TN

Jay Platt

Thanks Gene! I really appreciate your feedback. And, just so you know, "The One Minute Manager" is one of my favorite books!

Sarah Allen Fitzpatrick

One Word Jay! "AWESOME"

Jay Platt

Thanks Sarah!


Jay, I knew you were SMART, but now I know that you are R(eally)-SMART! Wonderful to read your spin on a time tested system of achievement. Thanks for prompting use to do better and for sharing with us the tools to do it.

Jay Platt

LOL! Thanks Alan! :-)

Brenda Keefer

Thanks for the reminder. I've been so busy trying to reach goals that I sometimes lose site of the very goals I'm reaching for. You have reminded me of the most important part of goal setting....WRITE IT DOWN! Thanks again.

Jay Platt

Thanks Brenda! I have to remind myself sometimes too. :-)


Jay, I really needed this. I fell off the weight loss wagon after the holidays and have not been able to find a way to get back on. I have every excuse but plan. Thanks for the tools! Miss you guys!

Jay Platt

Thanks Margie! Time to get back on the wagon, girl. You know what to do. We miss you too.

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