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Lynn Wood

Great point Jay...my husband who is a great goal achiever has always said.."You eat an elephant one bite at a time!" We are both keeping this in mind as we think about our goals. Thanks for sharing! Lynn


Great advice Jay! I like the idea of small goals and building upon each one to gain the confidence to take on more. I am happy to hear that you are feeling better and are running a 5k, that's great news.



So true Jay, my doctor just told me to consider this very thing yesterday so you are reenforcing it. Have a wonderful day


Jay Platt

Thanks Chick!

Jay Platt

Thanks Gene!

Julie G.

This is fantastic! It is easy to become frustrated with the height and stretch of the stars sometimes...such an amazing insight, and I'm so thankful for you sharing it! And, I pray every step in your training process goes smoothly! :)

Jay Platt

Thanks Julie!


I used to get blocked or stuck when I took on too much or had a lot of problems to cope with. Then things really piled up!When I chipped away at things, one!tep at a time, things magically got done. Not only did I get things done but started to accomplish many things.

So glad to hear from you today. I had been thinking about you and hoping you were getting better.

Jay Platt

Thanks Carole!

Jay Platt

Thanks Lynn!

Mikes G.

Found your site by chance, but it turns out to be perfect advice for where I'm at right now. I'm going to focus on a few more baby steps instead of just a few big steps. I'll still get where I'm going.

Jay Platt

I'm so glad you found it, Mike!

Gaye WIlson, Productivity Blogger & Coach

Hi Jay,

I've been coaching my PhD candidate clients like this for years. The PhD is a huge goal, and there are many obstacles.

When my clients are stuck, I ask them to commit to some ridiculously small goal, such as writing for eight minutes per day for the next week. That's it. Eight minutes and they are finished for the day.

This may sound inconsequential to some people here, but it makes a huge difference to my clients. The first client I gave eight minutes a day to struggled to even achieve that at first (there was lots of stuff going on for him), but finally did, and it was a huge lift. It gave him the confidence to keep going, to increase the daily goals, and to finish the PhD.

Good luck on the 5k road race!

Jay Platt

Awesome example, Gaye! Thanks for sharing it.


Yuh know sometimes my goal is to get through the day with a smile on my face and love in my heart and gratitude for all that I have to give and share . Also not to feel guilty for not doing it all . This is where I am tonight . Grateful also for my health and that I can still belly laugh .

Kneale Mann

Hey Jay,

I'm so glad to hear you are on the mend. You have been through so much and remain fearless in sharing those experiences with us!

I think you are bang on! Our minds say "go for it". We put large goals on our dream lists and vision boards. But they we get stuck on the work, the journey, the distance we need to travel between here and there. Change is hard. Success is tough. Goals are brilliantly crafted sentences in a journal that can live safely in "some day". So yes, aim big, dream big, do big but start with some wins and then the wheels will feel like they are actually rolling rather than residing in our minds.

None of us done this alone, no one can reach their big idea by hoping and thinking about it. We need action and leverage and help.

Well done and continued great health, sir!

Jay Platt

Thanks Scotti!

Jay Platt

Thanks Kneale!

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