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Pefect timing .. this is something I am currently working on. I have also found, that thoughts are habit.. I think the same things in the same situations. I understand this now, so can change my thought pattern, by replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Its also very important when training for whatever sport your into , to hang with positive people. No Debbie downers, they make you doubt your self.


An expression that is quickly losing it's meaning in our rapidly advancing technological age of CD's and MP3's is the "broken record". Growing up in the pre-historic vinyl age of 45's, 78's and needle-to-the-groove systems of music listening, invariably one of the oft-played favorites would develop a skip causing it to repeat over-and-over some snippet of the record until you physically got up (no remote control gizmos back then) and moved the needle past the skip.

In a way this aptly describes how our subconscious mind sabotages us with negative programming and holds us back should we choose to allow it.

It is essential that we recognize and confront each negative, inhibiting thought. See it for what it is...the repetitive skipping of a record. Take immediate action to consciously disarm and dial down it's volume...moving the needle. And replace it with a new empowering thought...that allows you to finish hearing the song you desire to hear.

Way back then, you could just put up with the annoying skip or decide to 'fix' it by heading over to the record store to buy a new record! Fixing our "broken records" may not be quite as easy as going to the store...though iTunes is incredibly convenient...but it still involves making a 'conscious decision' to do it and do it consistently, until you have repaired and replaced the skips your subconscious mind is bent on replayng.

Rick Pinzon

Love those "stickys" at the top of the page! Making some of them today.

Martijn Linssen

Nice post, and so very true

We create an edifice of punish-and-reward belief systems over time, mental models about anything and anyone, and only because we keep (re)programming ourselves with words, events, thoughts and feelings

If you've tried something in 3 different ways yet came up with the same result? There's a trap lying underneath that goes very, very deep and dis-tracts all your efforts

Alan's comment reminded me of a poem I was once wrote, with a close-up picture of vinyl grooves: a broken record


Jay Platt

Thanks Denise! You're so right there. And no Debbie downers!

Jay Platt

Thanks Alan! As always, excellent analogy.

Jay Platt

Thanks Rick! Great!

Jay Platt

Thanks Martijn! Great poem, btw.

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