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Great stuff Jay! You definately hit the nail on the head with this article. You have to have the determination AND the perseverance to accomplish anything! Why is it so hard for people to understand that? I especially liked your comment about your mother becoming an RN. Guess what? So did my sister and she is also in her 50s! Late bloomer? YES! And she loves her job. Thanks for the email and keep the motivation coming! Semper Fi, Rick

PS Writing another book?

Jay Platt

Awesome, Rick! Thanks!


Jay, I received this email today. I recently found myself out of a job due to an injury which required multiple surgeries. I had a degree but could not see myself using it and began comtemplating going back to school in a different field. I went last week and signed up to go back to school. This week I had been having doubts as to whether or not it was a was the right time or whether or not i could afford it or if I could fit it into my lifestyle. Thank you for this article because it reminded me to keep reaching toward the dream of owning my own business and school will be one more step towards that. I look forward to reading your articles. Thank you for all that you do. You truly are an inspiration.


Great post Jay! I especially like the part where you were adressing us "older" people when you said: "The good news for all of us is that while we're still above ground, it's never too late to begin working on our dreams." I really needed to hear that. Wow, your mom is such a powerful example of never giving up on your dreams no matter how old you are, good for her. I am so glad that I had the priviledge of meeting her while I was down in Mississippi, she's a great lady.

Maria Kaminski

Great article as always! You always keep me on my toes and push me forward, making me the best "me" I can be! Thank you for the inspiration and the push!



Jay Awesome Post!!!!!! Thanks


Thanks Jay, you hit a weak link of mine, sharing your story is uplifting, I read an article on will power yesterday and this with your article is power. Now, just get it done Gene

Rpbizz Plant

Great Inspirational Story !!


Thanks Jay for always raising the bar. Your words of encouragement light the way and urge us all to steer a course to a more fulfilling and exciting life.


This is a wonderful story that surely inspires its readers.

Jay Platt

Thanks Hope! I know what you mean, and need to be reminded sometimes too. I'm glad this post was that for you.

Jay Platt

Thanks Chick! Yep, we all need to keep that in mind. And I'm glad you were there too.

Jay Platt

Thanks Maria! I'm so glad to hear (or read) that. :-)

Jay Platt

Thanks Gene! Get it done!

Jay Platt

Thanks Nick!

Jay Platt

Thanks Rpbizz!

Jay Platt

Thanks Alan!

Jay Platt

Thanks Downloads!

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