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Cheryl Yantis

Thank you my friend. I fit in that spectrum. I tend to have more fear for myself then compassion for others. Not in a normal situation, but by judging the looks of others. Thanks for sharing.

paz platt

Excellent post, Jay. It's so sad that in this day and age, people feel they have to be fearful of others (just because of their appearance). I'm sure alot of times it's paranoia and most people won't put themselves out for other people. I'm glad that one couple stopped to help you, I know for a fact that you looked "scary" while you were out on the trail.


Often our first impressions of someone we encounter are tainted by the context we hold in our minds, implanted by past experiences, societal norms, peers and parents. Fortunately there are that rare few that choose to suspend judgement pending further discovery.


So much sensationalism in the news has made us fearful. Feel sorry for the people who shunned you . They live in fear of life.

As a female in a male dominated profession I have often been misunderstood. My talents lie where they do-again, not by choice. Without thinking, I send out mixed signals. I am a friendly, healthy hetero sexual female but I am often perceived as anything but. We have to be careful not to judge those who judge us.

Jay, be healthy and safe.

Maria Kaminski

Great article as usual Jay, and about a subject close to everyone's heart. I remember seeing you the first time on that trail and yes, you looked like a homeless person. I was blessed with being able to go beyond a persons looks, and look into their heart. I could not imagine you being a bad person because of what you were doing! But the world today is full of judgmental people who judge things such as age, financial status, tatoos, piercings, skin color, sexual orientation, looks, the list goes on and on. For me, it is hard for me not to judge someone who doesn't want to make things better for themselves. We all judge others when I feel myself judging others, I say to myself "judge not, least ye be judged" after all we all live in glass houses...

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